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The purpose is to provide open online education to mitigate the effects of the Covid-19 contingency by establishing strategic relationships with WUN members and UNESCO chairs involved in open education, which will enable the design and implementation of webinars that will support the dissemination of open educational resources and practices and explain the social consequences of Covid-19 in populations that have been most affected by the pandemic.


To contribute in the area of open education and inclusive education through distance trainings by means of a series of webinars addressed to teachers, students, researchers and society in general given by experts and members of UNESCO Chairs related to open education.

Description of the project

The project focuses on the dissemination of webinars addressed to the global community interested in educational innovation practices within the framework of the open education movement, which incorporates the assembly, production, use, dissemination and popularization of open educational resources (OER), the democratization of knowledge, as well as the intersectoral and interdisciplinary co-construction of knowledge.

Open education

Open education is designing, realizing, and evaluating learning opportunities with visionary, operational, and legal openness to improve the quality of learning for the learners.


To generate new knowledge and projects aligned to goal 4 for sustainable development and the recommendations of the 2019 UNESCO declaration regarding open educational resources.

Project impact

With the implementation of this project, participants will be trained to develop open projects and to raise funds to solve the specific problems of their social and educational community through the implementation of projects that introduce open educational resources (OER) in their institutions.

Inclusive education

It is the response to diversity from positive channels that is identified with the participation, achievements and elimination of barriers of all the groups involved (students, management, teachers, family and community), providing the former with greater opportunities from the perspective of academic and social achievement.

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