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College Lecture

Constance blomgren

Athabasca University

November 10, 2021

Alberta 9am, Monterrey 10am, Dublin 4pm, Cape Town 6pm, Perth 12pm

Presentation (Spanish)

Presentation (English)

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View webinar (English)

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Webinar questionnaire

Growing OER student networks



This webinar provides an example of how an OER network among higher education faculty and undergraduate students has developed in the province of Alberta, Canada. It shows how physically distributed OER advocates with different perspectives have come together to build a stronger student support network and the uptake of OER. 



OER awareness continues to grow in the province of Alberta, Canada through intermittent government interest. Building on a Community of Practice established in 2015, faculty from Alberta’s higher education institutes have supported OER initiatives in an ad hoc manner. In the spring of 2021, the provincial government requested input for a 2030 direction setting document, including from student representatives. The ad hoc OER advocates coalesced around this request, and meet to further student-led OER awareness building throughout campuses at universities and colleges. 

Target Audiences


Faculty interested to support student led OER advocacy and undergraduate and graduate  students interested in OER advocacy would be audiences interested to learn about this Alberta example.

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