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College Lecture

Francisco José García Peñalvo

Univeridad de Salamanca

November 3, 2021

Alberta 10am, Monterrey 10am, Dublin 4pm, Cape Town 5pm, Perth 11pm

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Webinar questionnaire

Connecting the open educational practices with the open science


The objective of the webinar is to defend the creation of links between Open Education and Open Science and to present the cases in which they are working with these premises.


Open Education is based on the development, use and reuse of Open Educational Resources (OER). Beyond the basic operations with OER, open educational practices have made it possible to move from resource to instruction. These practices are naturally associated with non-face-to-face training, but, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, they have also been transferred to face-to-face and hybrid environments. The effect of these educational practices leads to advances in innovation and research, always with an interdisciplinary nature. Given the open context in which these educational practices are developed, there should be a link between Open Education and Open Science, which would allow the scientific community to have evidence of the success and possibilities of improving these practices.
Target audience


This webinar will be of interest to everyone interested in the connection between open educational practices and open science.

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