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College Lecture

Glenda cox

University of Cape Town

November 24, 2021

Alberta 8am, Monterrey 9am, Dublin 3pm, Cape Town 5pm, Perth 11pm

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Open, inclusive education and social justice: The role of open textbooks


This webinar will include discussion of the nexus between open, inclusive education, social justice, and open textbooks. These concepts will be unpacked. The key findings of research in this area will be shared and debated. Participants will leave with a deep understanding of social justice and open education.


Open education, specifically open textbooks have been put forward as a way of creating localised relevant versions of prescribed costly textbooks that originate in the Global North. 
This presentation will provide an overview of the IDRC funded Digital Open Textbooks for Development project, an institutional initiative which is aimed at conducting research on open textbook publishing at the University of Cape Town (UCT), the project seeks to provide empirical evidence of the use of a Social Justice framework to understand the role of open textbooks in transforming curriculum.


Target audience 

This presentation is aimed at academics who plan to author open textbooks and/or use open textbooks. Academics interested in discussion around inclusivity and social justice can participate in building knowledge in this area. Institutional managers will be able to build on the lessons learnt in this project.

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