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College Lecture

Jako Olivier

North-West University

October 27, 2021

Alberta 10am, Monterrey 10am, Spain 5pm, Cape Town 5pm, Perth 11pm

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Strategies for localizing open educational resources 



The webinar aims to unpack the affordances of localization of OER towards situating learning resources for specific students as well as provide practical guidelines on how to localize OER. Attendees will be able to determine the nature of localization required and collaboratively adapt resources through internal or external localization.


An important advantage of OER is that through open licenses content can be adapted to the context and needs of students. However, it is essential that lecturers and instructional designers follow a systematic and inclusive approach. Drawing on translation study theories pertaining to specifically dynamic equivalence, culturally appropriate content and aspects of internal and external localization, this webinar will provide practical recommendations. This session will also cover the potential of student agency and implications for the decolonization of the curriculum.
Target audience


The target audience of this webinar would be mainly teachers, lecturers and instruction designers involved in adapting OER for use in courses where content needs to be localized. However, any individual with an interest in localized OER and open educational practices would benefit from attending this session.

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