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College Lecture

Maria Soledad Ramirez Montoya

Tecnológico de Monterrey

September 29, 2021

Alberta 10am, Monterrey 10am,  Spain 5pm, Cape Town 5pm, Perth 11pm

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Read slides (english)

Watch webinar (spanish)

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Watch webinar  (english)

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Webinar's questions

Open and inclusive education: WUN and UNESCO Training & research networks



To build links for open education that supports equity, diversity and flexibility, within the framework of a project that integrates the visions of WUN and UNESCO, in order to provide solutions for lifelong learning and sustainable development.




The webinar will explore UNESCO's new recommendations for open education from a perspective of capacity building, diversity, inclusion, policy, networks and sustainability, with the aim of inviting links that seek solutions to expand access to knowledge to all corners of the world without being limited to differences in geographic, economic and social aspects.


Target Audience 


Educators,  Teachers of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Special Education Teachers, Students, University scholars (deaf studies, disability studies, deaf education, linguists), Researchers, Non-profit organizations or NGOs, Community Based Organizations, Deaf organizations (local, regional, national, international),  government representatives from education and health sectors;  technology companies and the society interested in the educational improvement of communities.

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