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College Lecture

Joanne Catherine Weber

University of Alberta

October 20, 2021

Alberta 10am, Monterrey 10am, Dublin 4pm, Cape Town 5pm, Perth 11pm

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Watch webinar

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Webinar questionnaire

The use of Open Educational Access publishing platforms to create e-books for the deaf and hard of hearing



The webinar will review research-based design principles pertaining to ebooks for deaf children, considerations for further development and a planning pathway for ebook creation using available OER platforms. Attendees will be introduced to samples of an e-book interface made available through PressBook featuring content for multi-lingual deaf persons.




Current e-books that aim at language acquisition and literacy development are virtually non-existent except in pockets throughout the world. Current platforms have developed beyond the Apple and Windows technological binary and provide potential for open access publishing applications. PressBooks, which contains powerful capacity to generate e-books, may feature content material presented in a multilingual format including sign language. The webinar presents the results of a small study of how Pressbooks may be exploited to promote OER publishing to this end. 


Target Audience


Educators,  Teachers of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Special Education Teachers, University scholars (deaf studies, disability studies, deaf education, linguists), Non-profit organizations or NGOs, Community Based Organizations, Deaf organizations (local, regional, national, international),  government representatives from education and health sectors;  technology companies.

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